Omega Telco is a company specializing in developing and providing telecommunication, remote sensing and remote control solutions and services to our customers.

We also provide guidance to companies and individuals that are looking to increase their telecommunications platform.

Imagine being on a work assignment half way across the World and still have access to all your data at work, being able to communicate with everyone at your company and your family verbally and visualy.

You may have family living thousands of miles away and would want to continue to communicate with them as if they were living next door.

Or lets say you have the need to access certain key parameters related to the operations control at your facility such as oxigen concentration, temperature, PH levels.  Our systems not only would allow you to access this data remotely but would immediately report if there is an emergency that requires action.

You may also want to connect to your surveilance system at home to know that everything is ok while your gone or remotely access video cameras to visualy assess what is going on inside and outside your house.

All of these solutions have been available in one way or the other for a long time but the technology and cost made them inpractical both for regular users as for companies to implement.  Today, we have overcome that gap by uniting the best technology has to offer at a very low cost.

Manage things in a virtual world.

With us not only do you  get a low montly rate for local calls but also some of the lowest international rates in the industry.          
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